About Us

Welcome to University Surgery Center

Our facility is a licensed outpatient surgery center located in Merced, California, designed to provide you, the patient, with excellent care and comfort during and after your surgical procedure.

Built in 2002, our ambulatory surgery center is 22,000 square feet. Our center has seven operating or procedure rooms, areas for reception, administration, pre-operative preparation, and recovery. It's carefully designed interior has been selected to make you feel as relaxed as possible. A charming and spacious waiting area with refreshments and reading materials has also been provided so that family members or your special friend can wait comfortably.

University Surgery Center

One Of A Kind...

We are the only ambulatory surgery center of its kind in Merced. Our modern, comfortable center is devoted to outpatient surgery for a wide range of medical specialties.

The surgery center is owned and operated by our region's preeminent surgeons with the goal of bringing world-class care to Merced. Our surgeons are all trained specifically in their medical specialties, with educational backgrounds and advanced fellowships from the nation's most prestigious medical schools. For the safety and comfort of our patients, our anesthesiologists will ensure that you will have specialized care with the administering of medications and monitoring during and after surgery.

Our nurses, technicians, insurance and business specialists are ambulatory surgery experts with a passion for patient care. They are invested in the core values of patient service and do what it takes to make every patient's surgical experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.